Good example of bad customer service

I have a two wheeler and just wanted to get a 3rd party insurance, do you want to know the answer you get at Oriental Insurance Company.
They only do comprehensive Insurance package, which consist of 3rd party and your vechile damage.

You should check the work timing

Apart from that they don’t work on saturday.
1) Why is that a service company, doesn’t work on saturday
2) Why is that, they only start at 10:00 AM where most private agencies have them round the clock

Lesson which the Government Isurance will learn very soon.
Customers don’t like to wait in que, don’t like to take leave, they will indeed move to private Insurance companies
When there is no work, Government will reduce the work force, then they will even privatise.

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2 thoughts on “Good example of bad customer service

  1. vinod v v says:

    Why do you think it is very funny?
    believe me or not, you see it with nationalized banks in India, Indian Railways is been proactive
    Any service based companies try to provide the best support if possible 24X7.


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