Any Plans to Buy A/C – Air conditioner

Do you have any plans to buy A/C in chennai?
Here are few to do’s and don’t before you buy one to beat the heat in chennai.

This guide is intended for home users with decent budget.

A/C – Air conditioner are available in two variants

Split A/C: The outdoor hold the compressor unit while the indoor houses for the blower.

  1. Less noise as the compressor unit is placed outside
  2. Copper tubes and wires can be consealed so your interior looks neat.
  3. Positioning of the internal unit at desired place.


  1. More the copper wiring, more is the transmission loss because of heat. (Internal unit and the external unit are connected with copper tubes)
  2. power consumption is more compared to window A/C with same ton Capacity.

Window A/C:

  1. Less power consumption when compared to Split


  1. Can be noisy after few years of installation
  2. Cannot be positioned where ever on your room. If needed you may have make a block of hole on the wall
  3. The are certain situation where you cannot install a window A/C, as there is no option other than to opt for Split A/C

To do’s:

  1. Do the ground work, before you decide to buy. Call up an A/C mechanic or an Electrician next door and check whether your 3 Phase power points can house for your A/C (balance the power usage between rooms)
  2. Check the room size, ask him which A/C would suit or currently needed. The Split or Window A/C. If there is an option for Window A/C prefer that, If your are looking to save money on electricity bills.


  1. If you are staying on the top floor with an open terrace or ground floor with open terrace. Kindly arrange for false roofing.
  2. If your loft and the shelves are open try to cover them. If left open A/C take more time to cool the room.

Places to look for A/C
Well lot of stores offer A/C mela’s do watch out for these stores, compare the rates and decide. Here is my choice or stores listed below

  1. Rathna Fan house / Rathna Cool store (not on the main road little inside) and not Ratna Firm house this is on the main road
  2. Jayam & Co
  3. Shahs
  4. Viveks

What you need to check when Buying A/C from the dealer
Window A/C:

  1. Free Home delivery, what is the extra cost if you are outside city outskirts
  2. Installation charge (1000 INR approx)
  3. Wooden frame work to hold the Window A/C (450 INR approx)
  4. Check for water outlet provision or arrange one on your own.
  5. Stabilizer the most important one
  6. A/C power socket with box – (500 INR Approx)

Split A/C:

  1. Free Home delivery, what is the extra cost if you are outside city outskirts
  2. Installation charge (1000 INR approx)
  3. How many meters of Copper Cables is free, What is extra Copper cables per meter cost (currently 450 INR/meter).
  4. How many meters of 3 core electric Cables are free (Power supply for the A/C internal and external unit + the Power console). If they don’t provide, buy from the local store.
  5. Cost of L shaped brackets to house the unit (750 INR)
  6. Check for water outlet pipes provision and cost of pipes
  7. Stabilizer the most important one. Do check for double booster options.
  8. A/C power socket with box – (500 INR Approx)

Some dealers offer few freebies, don’t fall for it. Models are your choice which I don’t want to discuss about.

Important: Carrier has launched new models priced very high which talks about energy conservation with 5 Star rating. While the other A/C manufacturers say the Star rating would come to effect only in late June 07 which the energy conservation ministry had announced on the News paper daily recently. Not sure about which one is true. Think twice before you decide.

Would you like to know about servicing the A/C
Here is the new post Know, Howto – about A/C servicing

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33 thoughts on “Any Plans to Buy A/C – Air conditioner

  1. Sethu says:

    How come you have mentioned only shops that sell ACs? In my opinion, as on date, in India it is better to buy from AC dealers only so that you not only get good after sales service, but also installation is done proffessionally.

    From what I have learnt, these shops engage very low skilled people to carry out installation works that gives truble latter!


  2. Murthy says:

    thanks for the posting, it was very useful for me. Even i am planning to go for new AC at my home an window one. can u guide me which brand i can go for?
    and what about after sales service ?


  3. Amanda says:

    Thank you for the post! It has been very helpful. Can you tell me a price range for a good quality window unit? Thanks for your help!


  4. Saravanan V S says:

    In my area also they are saying voltage problem. But in my next house two A/Cs are working fine. I bought LG split a/c for 30K last month in Viveks. It was working for 2 weeks. Now they are saying we need to buy booster stablizer. It is better not to buy LG that too from Viveks.


  5. srinivas says:

    hi, i want to buy a/c for my bed room, and my house at the top floor in third level,also the window is closed with wood and rod, only widow i can open, also if i buy the a/c how their will install it, it will be problem for them to install, what is suggeted to buy window or split,


  6. Ajay kumar says:

    My AC is not functioning due to very low voltage in my area. I have installed digtal stabilizer but not use. Can u tell me about double or trible booster stabilizers , and suggest which company is providing such type of stabilizers…


  7. Humble says:


    I am also on the same boat as everybody else. I have sever voltage issues in my place. I tried 140-240v 4KV Stabilizer, no use, tried 140-240v 5KV stabilizer works, stops once in a while, tried 100v-240v, works, but it seem to blows the fuse of the one of the 3 phases whichever phase it is configured. All the above are from Rich Street

    Driving me crazy as some times the fuse blows middle of night. Still not giving up.

    All you need to find out what is the input voltage you get and try different options. I know it is a waste of money and time.


  8. Air Conditioner says:

    Found any get, through but not?Homeowner every opportunity, Compare this with.Up calories at, within your price.The internet A Air Conditioner, What can one I was working.Slipped over the, of catastrophic even.,


  9. subu says:

    hi in the “Dont’s” section you mention that we need to give false roofing for floors which have an open terrace on top. Do you mean that “Dont forget to do this” or you imply that false roofing is unnecessary?


  10. S.S.Mani says:

    I am an AC engineer and I shall clarify without taking sides to any brand, though I am involved with one!

    I agree that it is better to buy from delares than from shops as a shop tries to sell more numbers but a dealer provides own service. However nowadays even dealers have fallen prey to number game because of pressure from principals.

    A brand is definitely better than an assembled one because they need to protect their image whereas the assembler has no such compulsion. Of course brands have thier way of pricing but no brnd discloses how they achive that reduction in prices!

    Unfortunately nowadays low quality stabilisers are the order of the day just to lower the end price as the clients do not give importance to this item. You need to ascertain the voltage level in your area and then go for a suitable stabiliser.

    If the voltage is very low, and if you install the correct stabiliser, unfortunately the fuse will KEEP BLOWING ON YOUR MAINS, and you must take up the issue with EB authorities to get the voltage boosted atleast to 170V or so!

    And if you are in the top floor of a building, it makes sense to go for a false ceiling that reduces the load slightly! But what is actually neded is to incorporate 50mm thick insulation in some way so that you save on electricity. The additional cost will be recovered very soon.


    • G.Sridar says:

      Dear Mr.Mani,

      Thank you for your Inputs.Is it possible,I can talk to you once.

      Kindly send an email to my ID with your contact details.I would like to talk to you to take your further Advice.

      Best Regards



    • Manikandan says:

      I am planning to buy a AC now. If you are still a dealer, we could discuss regarding this. Please mail me your contact details. (


  11. Kamil says:

    Never buy LG A/Cs.
    Two weeks after installation, I had a gas leakage problem in compressor. So I called the dealer and LG service centers. I had a worst experience with the LG sales and service guys. For about three weeks, they have been telling me that ‘Replacment will be done today or tomorrow’. They just answer the phone call in a polite manner, give all pledges. But there were no actions and no botherations about the customer. So finally I changed the brand and sent LG back to the dealer.


  12. kumar says:



  13. Emmanuel says:

    Hi ,

    I have voltas 1.5 tonne window a/c ……… there is low voltage in my place ………. So i connected my a/c to an Omega 4 KVA Voltage stabilizer which is connected to a Premier 4 KVA Voltage stabilizer which is connected to the mains ……. I have a three Phase MCB Installer (Miniature Circuit breaker ) ……………..

    The A/C runs for 4 to 5 Minutes max and then the MCB Trips ……………. I have to go and switch the MCB on and then the same problem …………………

    Will Installing a Double booster Voltage Stabilizer do the trick for me and what is the best voltage Stabilizer that will run with an Input voltage of around 100 volts ………….. I see most of the double booster Voltage Stabilizers run at 140 volts ………..

    How much does the one which would run at around 100 volts cost and is it available in Ritchie Street or where would it cost the least

    Please advise


  14. k .jagan raj says:

    hi…, i need a air cooler for dis summer ….could anyone please tel where s the best place fr purchasing it,without any defaults. my budget s around 4k.


  15. Emmanuel Leorn says:

    Hi ,

    I’m using voltas 1.5 tonne window aircon and I’m facing voltage problem in my area which is Puzuthivakkam in chennai which is close to Madipakkam Area….. Not sure what the voltage is………….

    I have my aircon attached to a Premier 4KVA Voltage stabilizer which came with the aircon purchased from vasanth and co….. Now I also have another 4KVA voltage stabilizer from omega stabilizers…… Now here is my query:L

    My premier voltage stabilizer says the input voltage is 185V to 265V and Low voltage cut off is less than 145 Volts and on my Omega Stabilizer the input voltage is 170/145-265 Volts and Low cut off is not provided………….

    Now if I can connect my Airconditioner to my premier Stabilizer and my premier stabilizer to my Omega Stabilizer and connect the Omega Stabilizer to the Metal Box , will it be atleast 10 to 20% more efficient……

    Please advise……


    • S.ramachandran says:

      can you check the out put voltage and range of both the stabilisers, generally , if the tube lights are burning , the voltage is above 160v , i belive in most of the stabilisers the out put will be 200 to 240 with +or- 10% , you assume the worst case of -10%,which is less than or 180V and your AC will not work at 18
      0V ( because of the starting currunt required are more for the compressors) . you say it is getting off after 3 or 4 miniutes . most of the stabilisers are having time delay of 2 to 4 miniutes and your ac also takes 3 to 4 miniutes to switch on .

      i am facing the same problem , after my original stabiliser supplied with my window ac has gonged off and the old and bulky stabilisers are good , i have also tried with 2 4KVA stabilizer and burned my fingers like you.

      now the load is more ( more customers are using the AC’s , you have this problem , in case if you are able to solve this with out spending money , let me know .

      with thanks.


      • S.S.Mani says:

        No amount of discussions will help here! Until EB/GOD blessess us with sufficient power!
        Please do not do the tricks like using 2 normal stabilisers in series etc. it wont work, but they will work against your purse!

        There are double boost/tripple boost stabiliers available in the market. (If you are luckey) they may work!

        A stabiliser corrects the voltage on its output side, but the inlet side remains low. Any equipment consumes a fixed amount of power the way it is designed. So when a AC gets say 230 V it starts drawing the correct current, but with low voltage on the other side the current goes up at the inlet side. It WILL affect the house original wiring that may be small for tthat, or TRIP the MCB at the mains if you have one correctly sized for your AC etc.

        One person has done a nice thing as follows, but with the risk as stated above still remaining, and his AC runs.

        He purchased two stabilisers the first one WITHOUT any LOW voltage cut off! The second one comes next. I dont know whether both are double boost or what, but AC runs. Atleast one must be a double boost.

        Decide whether you are dying for a good sleep with AC, or you are dying to have a peaceful lying down so that your wiring etc do not disturb your next day! All the best

        I sell ACs but I think customer’s real comfort comes first rather than a mere sale!

        However if all Chennaites are forced to buy ONLY INVERTER ACs then this entire problem is bound to come down because its design, that is another subject.. BUT, ALL must change and not one or two, though they may have a slight better luck



  16. S.ramachandran says:

    you have mentioned the advantages of window ac , but the major point , you have not listed .

    you will get fresh air flow , which you will not get in split AC.



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