Credible Mobile Retail Store in chennai

A friend of mine is a Store Manager for a reputed Mobile Phone retail store. He is been backed up a big group. Yesterday I had been to one of his store at AnnaNagar, chennai (currently has multiple store across Chennai) and had wanted to buy the Motorola F3 – no hype mobile phone. I wanted to present this to my father in law, I showed him the Motorola F3 Mobile Phone and stated him the less featured, maximum utility phone, Which he liked it instantly. So I en quired the price and called up my friend for an offer. He turned down on me as he had principles of his own and been strictly following up company rules, He stated “no price offer for employees, and he had bought an another mobile from the store at the price quoted

So I finally made up mind not to buy it from his store and went a head and en quired at Saravana Stores – Brahmandamai, to my bad luck the phones were out of stock. I didn’t give up went a head and landed up at

Saravana Store Thanga maligai.

This phone had an amazing boxing which you already seen at the top. Took some snaps of the Motorola F3 right inside their showroom.

Now to the point
What amazes me is that a Gold Jeweler is offering a rock bottom price where a truly Mobile retail store couldn’t beat the price.

Price war is already caught up, and what in the world are these Mobile retail store doing (The Mobile Store, Vasavi, Universal and all those priority showrooms like Nokia , sony erricsson etc)

Here are some check list before you buy a mobile Phone

  1. You primary use (calling, SMS, ringtones etc)
  2. What extra features you are looking for (Camera, MP3, Wifi [local network amazing feature], Bluetooth etc etc)
  3. Compare between different models (Nokia = Nokia or Nokia = Sony ericsson = Motorola = Siemens = samsung =etc)
  4. Compare dealers or retailers for the price
  5. Check who offers down payment with EMI etc

Most middle class people, discuss a lot on buying mobile phones with friends and check the feature but don’t think about the retail showroom, who offers the best price ( 4th point of the checklist).

There is no Credible Mobile Retail showroom in Chennai as of now which says “I offer the best lowest  price, If you buy one lesser than the stated price, This store will pay the difference”. I am sure people in US know this kind of offer stated in some stores during sale. Believe me, If you buy a article less than the price quoted in that area. The Store pays the difference amount. This is not a failure model.

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8 thoughts on “Credible Mobile Retail Store in chennai

  1. vinodvv says:

    How much do you expect the Phone rate to be?
    I have already explained about Motorola F3 as a no hype phone. The price is 2400 INR at thagamaligai, outside 2500 INR
    check the same for high end models to know the difference


  2. Mathan says:

    Can you please tell What is the current price of the following mobiles in Saravana Store, Chennai?

    1. Sony Ericcsson
    – W200i
    – W810i
    2. Nokia
    – 5300
    – 5200
    – 6151

    Mathan S


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