What I liked in Murugan Idly Center

My family and me were doing a shopping for clothes at TNagar last Sunday, and was really hungry before afternoon so we landed up at North Usman road, TNagar and landed up at Murugan Idly center, we were hyped by our neighbors next door, so decided to check this place out. The first impression of the place was that of a middle class restaurant, I thought of ordering a mixed menu which should consist of morning break fast and lunch so as to finally review the food quality at this place.

As soon as we landed on the table I found this stainless steel water tumblers with puncher ed wholes in it  as I was curious and taking snaps of this object, the waiter placed the disposable plastic tumblers and poured clear water in it.

An innovative way to tackle. Less problem for the food store and for the waiters to worry about cleaning these water dispensers and insuring clean water for the customer. I was quite thrilled about this small food store.

What is best of these tumbler shaped object is that it acts as a holder for those disposable plastic dispensers. When there is less water in it, the plastic dispenser stays intact.

Well the lunch was good not too spicy and was up to our standards and my son liked the Dosa and Idly the morning break fast types and good part is about the variety of chutney.

Overall a good experience and slightly high priced than our Saravana Bhavan.

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2 thoughts on “What I liked in Murugan Idly Center

  1. Anonymous says:

    Saravana Bhavan Sells dosa for Rs.80. They charging 5 Star rates but their quality and service is really a 1 star or less. Thumbs down for Saravana Bhavan.


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