Truck traffic – so no right turn

truck traffic
truck traffic at Thirumangalam signal

If you wanted to go to Annanagar from Koyambedu. After 8 PM is a tough one, And the signal is for short duration of time, mostly it takes 3 signals to make the right turns as the truck drivers take the right lane and occupy the ongoing traffic who want to go AnnaNagar. I have been thinking, is there any way to communicate to the truck drivers that they are not supposed to take this lane, atleast who have common sense would avoid this lane.

Well the text need not say “Heavy Vehicles, No right turn” just the Icon representation is more than enough.

Here is my idea.
truck traffic at Thirumangalam signal- solution

There is one more option, there are glow signboards on the median which can also say to truck drivers that they cannot take right turn.

take diversion

What say?
Is this at least feasible, I see lots of private hoardings, will this one be afford ability problem for the chennai traffic police.

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