It is time for

After it is time for

While I was coming from office today evening I saw the hoarding (above) of the i-blushed , so thought what is so special about the hoarding and there was no product mention on the hoarding. The hoarding found its bait.

Pinkish website or rather a girlish website from Ponds, This website is not about Social networking for women of that sort. It is about sharing their personal experience on how their men did some thing for the lady to blush or rather looking at their appearance what men did things to make them blush.
The lady standing out there on the website kept doing wild things, but didn’t look that funny or neither gather that much interest. She needs some more words or roles to play around.

She just kept nagging if the website was kept open for some time let us say a minute or more or asking you to “post something, and here is the idea”.

Good flash website in terms of UI but lacks features when compared to (sunsilk) is more on brand building exercise on ponds beauty care products along with personal experience of women who would love to share those wonderful moments (sounds like old women giving a talk about what happened yesterday) well that is what the advertisement in television was all about.

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