Sangam Cinemas a catch up

sangam cinemas

Recently had been to Sangam cinemas to watch a Malayalam movie “Inspector Garud” featuring Dilip, Kavya Madhavan. Quiet an entertainment with lots of jokes, but the end just sucks, The director and story writer was in a hurry I guess, they just ended the story abruptly. This the second movie of Dilip which has a bad story ending (I guess it was vitam).

Now to the Sangam Cinemas, It has been months and I see positive move from Sangam cinemas, Car parking ticket collector was wearing Sangam cinemas t-shirt and the theater halls were maintained good. As we were watching movies, My son just jumped up from seat screaming, There was something which kept moving under our seats for some time, and we were worried, thinking whether it would be a rat. But to our surprise it was a kitty


I believe it was intentional to have a cat keep away the mouse. I guess cats are better than mouse. 😉

Sangam Cinemas a catch up for Satyam and Inox. Good that competitor is brewing.

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