Chennai City – Lorry Traffic timings

Lorry trafficLorry traffic

Does any one have Info on Lorry Traffic, City entering timings?
I took the above photos yesterday evening at 6 PM on the opposite site of Koyambedu towards Thirumangalam road. I have noticing these days that there lot of heavy vehicles traffic from 6PM to 8:30 PM (well that was the timing I usually pass through these roads and have traveled once in the night at 1PM where there was hardly lorry traffic)

I guess chennai traffic police is liberal to lorry traffic. I remember days where there would be sign boards mentioning the entry timing for the Lorry traffic. Don’t know what happened to those.

One thought on “Chennai City – Lorry Traffic timings

  1. Ravi Chander says:

    Night 1pm or 1am ? 1pm would be afternoon. I agree this road is very very congested in the evening. I have to turn right from Tirumangalam into 2nd Avenue and with such traffic I usually have to wait for 2nd green signal to turn right as the traffic is so heavy.


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