Sunday meal & dinner ruined

People Help…
What is the specialty of chettinnadu restaurant?

I might be completely wrong, but for the taste for food at most chettinadu restaurant have completely ruined my love for food
The moment you step in to the restaurant, you will get a foul smell of fish. Believe me I am mallu, and supposed to be ardent lover for fish.

Last Sunday afternoon


we were at this Paramakudi restaurant at Annanagar near Ayyapan temple for lunch. We ordered for Butter naans, Biryani (kuska/ plain) , Chettinnadu chicken curry and Dragon chicken, 1/2 tomato soup.

Our experience –

  1. tomato soup does have some odour of fish
  2. Kuska arrives before Naan
  3. Chettinadu chicked curry has chicken bones and not any option of flesh and half bowl serveredbowl.jpg
  4. and finally Dragon chicken has non fried cashew nuts and non crispy chicken pieces dragonchicken.jpg the best part of dragon chicken was that of the greens which smelled when you wanted to taste the chicken.

I called upon the waiter who was already been troubled by another customer who was taking him for a ride, for not taking his order correctly. I requested him, that I would like to talk to the chef. The chef came, I asked him why is the dragon chicken is not so crispy?

The immediate answer was, Dragon chicken is meant to be like that as they treat them with the gravy.

We left the table with the left over food, payed the bill unwillingly.

So our lunch was ruined. The next was our evening snacks time, we had just returned from shopping so we thought we could have some thing yummy and ordered for Pizza at Pizza corner. So our sweet lady picks up the call took the order and I reminded her for the few sachets of ketchup and oregano.

Now our delivery guy from Pizza corner comes home, gives the package, I find no oregano, when requested he says the store has out of stock for oregano.

The delivery guys just ruin the user experience. Just for some tips they serve the posh customers with the goodies, and finally when they have to deliver at the not so posh area… Hmmm..n

So I called up the Pizza corner hotline. Our lady says I was not the one who picked up your order it is the other lady, so told her about the incident.

Well I crib, how many customers will care to crib. The next time they will loose the customer.
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