Thankless job

In my previous post I had mention that Chennai traffic police reading my blogs, I guess not just mine, I believe that they have gone little techie. Eigther google or technorati is helping them find the blogs which keep cribbing about the chennai traffic.

And there are bunch of losers who think cribbing about the city make them feel that, who crib is a mole or unpatriotic.

Why Thankless job?
You all know in any company that HR (Human Resources) manager and his team never gets an appreciation for what so ever in the world they do good.

The same is for the Chennai Traffic police. I had mention few pain points, addressing in my blog post, about few places in the city, Some corrected, some ignored. It feels really good when you are able to drive back home with little pressure. End of the day that is all everyone wants…

The paint points which I had mentioned

  1. Barricades at the alexander square
  2. Barricades at the one way. Guindy -> Chinna malai -> Velachery (some partially removed)
  3. Lorry traffic before 7 P.M inside city.

I wish to thank the Chennai traffic police for doing an excellent job. There are many occasions where I had cursed them. I feel ashamed, How could a small Chennai traffic police population could do to an outnumbered Chennai population. With people, less tolerance to traffic rules, political influences on the day to-day rules.

I feel Chennai traffic police needs a standing ovation.

Thank you Chennai traffic police, for being patient with us.

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One thought on “Thankless job

  1. chikoos says:

    I definitely agree with what u have mentioned here. They do need a standing ovation.
    bad roads, dust and dirt, rainy days, scorching sun…they face it all. Being ‘busy’ we ride on without noticing their presence. its good to know that someone has taken the time to remind Chennai of their presence that keeps us moving.


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