I am sorry, How else can I take this home

Click on the image for a larger version (this photo is taken well inside the chennai city – Villivakkam)

This is a very common site, with Autoricksaw and trucks carrying long protruding objects in their vehicle. The above two images are an Auto carrying a long iron pole and where it came in contact with the Cable TV wire and finally winded on the pole. Leaving the TV channel viewers at pain.

I questioned my self, Why do they do it, when it might harm themselves and others.

Once I had to carry a tube light from a electrical shop to my home which is a KM away. All I had was my yamaha 135 bike, the shopkeeper took a role and tied one end of tube light to the rear end of my bike while the front portion was in between my right arm and my body. I thought for seconds, Am I doing this right. Then realized, India doesn’t have rules to stop you from carrying a tube light while riding and if at you are caught, you could still get away.

Well, honestly how many of you would have hired a larger vehicle to carry this tube light. Please do comment. Do say whether I did was right or wrong

One more Photo which I took long back , this one is near the Sruthi musicals Signal.


One thought on “I am sorry, How else can I take this home

  1. hkarthi says:

    A great blog indeed!. I have been fuming over the last couple of days (actually years!) to write something about the traffic ‘issues’ that I face day-2-day in chennai in my blog (if only it was not hacked! .. another story for another time). But I really liked the way you have put your views across.

    Coming back to the issue, since your house was not that far (1 km) you should not have taken the bike in the first place. Second since its a electrical object and made of glass it could have hurt you rather than others if it happen to break.

    Yes, autos are really horrible at this, but i do not blame them. The customers are to be blamed. Unfortunately, it was always not like this and auto rickshaw drivers used to say ‘no’ once if you load them excessively!…


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