Does Chennai traffic police have to bear with this

chennai traffic police

chennai traffic police

Courtesy: The Hindu

I was reading to “The Hindu” this morning, and saw this article. I have been in the same place trying to cross the road to reach central sub urban railways station. The cops have no control over the crowd. Yeah, I did see the subway, as Ms. Selvi stated it was in a pathetic shape.

My question is does chennai traffic police has to hear all this, just because they are doing good.

They are trying to save our lives.

This is what chennai peoples mentality. Even if some one is helping you, you start pointing fingers.

Well if Chennai traffic police had the rules in the first place, they need not have to hear the words, which people state.

I had stated once at chennai.metblogs too.

Just an Update: I took the other subway which is messier and with lot of hawkers. The one close to the park town station is cleaner safer and  hawkers  free.

Wondering when would Chennai traffic police would take the same step of encouraging people to use safe subway at saidapet bus terminus. Wish that could come true.

7 thoughts on “Does Chennai traffic police have to bear with this

  1. simplymalayalees says:

    Here boss read if I have to bear this from the very good police you are talking about….

    Read my recent story that happened on 12th December 2007.

    Its funny that the city police website does not have a option to make a complaint against any policemen. I am not sure if its left intentionally.

    I wanted to apply for a driving license and needed a letter of clearance from local police. The policeman who took all my documents had demanded Rs.200.

    I showed sign of not agreeing with him, then he asked me to buy him a packet of copier papers for the police station. To which I agreed, atleast will have a satisfaction of donating it to the police station.

    Now he has made me run up and down three times to the police station for the same.

    I wonder if there is any policemen left in the Chennai City police force, who does his job without taking any bribe.

    “Shame on you once again Chennai City Police.”

    Agni Sharman

    My other experience with the Chennai city Police is here in detail, for which they DARE NOT TAKE ANY ACTION for the police woman must be some politicians mistresss LOL. Read more @


  2. manoj prabakaran says:

    Have u ever visited arcot road…if your vehicle is stopped by the police u have to pay a minimum of Rs.30 to avoid problems.if u have all sufficient papers u’ll be left with 30 or else u have to pay minimum of 50 …instead of calling them as city police they can be called as city beggars……shameless creatures


  3. vinod says:

    Last I went to beach with my friend in Bike. While returning I pass through the signal which free left but traffic police who standing near the signal stopped my bike and asked me to pay fine for it. But he left other vehicles who passed through free left. He told that is not free left and he started to use very bad words. I really feel bad about those traffic police. They really behave very badly. I dont know how to complaint on those people. Please help me. Most of the traffic police are beggars. They even ready get 3 ruppees as bribe. This is India. Every signal I found many beggars. please publish this on news paper.


  4. Filjoe Jose says:

    Today I faced one issue while going to my office, 2 traffic police men blocked me and asked money …they tevelled TN-01 2675 policebike theartened me to get money..I totlly fed up with the traffic police.. The time they caught was 1.30PM thursday near to vellachery.. but I couldnt read their name because it was written in tamil as I am from another state and they forcely snach 100RS… Please take action otherwise moving to court


  5. saravanan says:

    Traffic Police is the No.1 Beggars of India
    21-03-11@8.00pm, i was returning home with my brother to my home in my 2wheeler,suddenly a traffic policemen in a vehicle from behind asked me to stop the vehicle near Mylapore woodlands hotel . i stopped it and he asked for License,all papers.i gave it to him after verifying he said u have not stopped in the previous signal ,i followed you from that signal and he asked me to pay Rs.450; i said iam coming from Gopalapuram (which have no signals).but he didn’t agree and said to park the vehicle there and come with me(he dosent even have that receipt book) .he asked me how much do you have?
    i first said no money was with me.then he said minimum pay Rs.100 and then pointing my brother to ask him.i said i think he has Rs.30 something.after hearing this he used abuse words and said Rs.30 then give the balance money and take the papers and vehicle. the i ended up with giving him Rs.50 which i have kept in my vehicle for urgent use.
    my worry was i have not violated the rules,still i have to pay,
    Then that scoundrel using abusive language that is unbearable (unable to sleep that night)
    please someone help me to complain about the bloody scoundrel which a real punishment will be given to him
    or whether this info can be published in any media


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