Christmas props shopping tips

Christmas tree props

Most of you would have already got the Christmas tree props for decoration and serial lights bulbs by now or things which had bought last year. It would be great if you can share your shopping experience.

I had been on shopping yesterday at three places in Chennai City to get some Christmas tree, stars, serial light bulbs and all or most of them. This is my first experience as I am not a Christian, but my Son wanted them to have it decorated at my home. So here are the shopping centers I visited.

  1. Bharatham, Ayanavaram – My recommendation
  2. Mummy Daddy, Kilpauk – Lots and Lots of props, you may even go dizzy looking at them
  3. Ever Green, Ethiraj Salai just close to Sangeetha restaurant – Best and quality Christmas props among the shops I visited – Quite expensive.

How expensive and how did I determine?
I wanted to buy LED serial bulbs, prices at the above three stores

  1. Bharatham – 60 LED stuff – 72 INR (Indian National Rupee)
  2. Mummy Daddy – 60 LED stuff – 140 INR , 100 LED stuff – 290 INR
  3. Ever Green – 100 LED stuff – 300 INR

Just not the serial bulbs some more products, showed variation in prices with the same quality of the product.

Hope, you will all share your Christmas shopping experience, and let me know who is the cheapest among the best quality product.

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