Request for Chennai Corporation

Fish stalls on public roads
Fish stalls on public roads

Click on the Image for a large view – BTW this picture was taken during the afternoon on Sunday, so the place is not that crowded
Place:  Near Annanagar Railway station a bridge with lots of mobile Fish stalls

This road is a connection between Villivakkam and Annanagar, and believe me this road is already narrow and crowded and on top of this new mobile fish stalls just started has created hell a lot of problems for commuters.

Kindly note: I am not against the fishermen nor the traders and nor the public. I would love to have a fish stall  out there close by which doesn’t bother the traffic.

Morning time is the peak and school goers are the major sufferers.  Traffic gets the ultimate beat.

Here is the request with the solution for the Chennai corporation. Can the mobile fish stall be moved little away from the bridge to the end of the bridge there is a vacant place towards Annanagar where very few people use that road as it stinks because of the cooum river.

One thought on “Request for Chennai Corporation

  1. ashokha says:

    News are coming in the papers that the Cooum river of Chennai will be cleaned soon and some 99 crores are sanctioned for that. There is a simple and easy system for this. In Tuticorin district sea water is pumbed for salt manufacturing units and then allowed to dry and settle as salt by natural method of sun light. Similarly we can pumb the sea water upto Koyambedu (from where the water has been modified as a drainage) which is nineteen kilometers from the sea and pour it in the river to wash down all the drainages that are accumulated in the river. Of course the water may become salty but it will be better than the nasty smelling drainage water making the city unlivable. The salt of the sea water will kill all the living organisms (which are making the water to ferment) and make it clean. The corporation can try this plan at a cheaper and easier method. We can put some salt water crocodiles of West Bengal to make the river more beautiful.

    This river water is used as Abisheka Theertham (bathing water for Lord Vishnu) at its starting place (near the cooum village) and at Ilambiankottur (Elumiyankottur) and Thiruvirkolam (Cooum) (70 kilometers from the sea) the sacred Shiva temple is situated almost at the source of the Cooum river with its sparkling, clear waters which shows how much this water is pure and sacred there and how much it is contaminated after it enters the Chennai City.

    for your reference: edition news

    01 Sep 2009 04:05:00 AM IST
    Chennai low on livable city index

    Regarding sanitation, less said the better. One look at the appalling state of the city’s slushy slums, garbage-ridden lanes, stinking waterways, rotting vegetable markets, and un-hygienic fish/meat stalls can speak volumes of the dirt and filth that exists. Open defecation and urination, even by women, that takes place on the city’s roads and streets, river banks, beaches and railway tracks is a shame for any civilised society!


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