Beware of Ticket collectors – Chennai MRTS

I had been a mute witness to this incident as I myself was shocked to see what these ticket collectors were up to. This happened few days before.

Things I noticed

  1. Ticket collectors boarded the train at Mylapore station
  2. Ticket collector not wearing uniform, and not even the badge. (I have seen one friendly ticket collector at Velachery Railway station in white uniform with the badge containing the name.)
  3. Harsh language towards commuters, looks at everyone as a suspect. Truly, this ticket collector behaved like a super cop.

The ticket collector asked for the ticket with all the passengers, I showed him my concession pass. While my co passenger said “Pass” when he showed to the ticket collector, the concession pass was already expired.

And two other Big adult looking school children were asked for the same. Guess there were doing the +2 in some school. One with the school uniform showed the pass and the other friend didn’t have anything in hand.

It was time for the one with the school uniform to get down at the station, Our friendly ticket collector said, well how could let you friend alone. If you leave him now, he will be in jail. Poor kid, just for the bad friendship he had to tag along and be part of this wild party.

Our super cop ask all the ticket less guys to pay the fine of 1000 and odd Rupees or end up in jail kind of story.

The “concession pass” guy had enough of embarrassments

Now comes the best or heights of invasion in to privacy.
So our super cop asks the school kids for the fine amount. The ticket less traveled school guy had empty pockets and now our ticket collector ask the school uniform kid to depart with all the money he has. He ask him to pull out the wallet and asks him to open and show the same to him and the other ticket collector and he tells the kid to open the secret channel of the wallet to depart with the reserve money.

I was like shocked to see and all other commuters were all in the same state. Didn’t know what to do?

I have one silly question, if any one can answer it will be great
How much is the maximum fine which can be levied, if I did a ticket less travel?
Now I have been setting reminders on my mobile for three long days to get the concession tickets. Well there can be genuine cases that people could forget to renew their passes. I just want to avoid that embarrassments.

I can understand the way ticket collectors talk to embarrass the ticket less traveler, so as not to repeat this offense. But asking to depart with their money, was too much.

BTW (by the way) does anyone know how to apply for request to the Railway board to increase the number of trains between Beach and Avadi. I have been getting tired of looking in to the watch all the time so as not to miss the beach train or the Avadi train.

6 thoughts on “Beware of Ticket collectors – Chennai MRTS

  1. Simi says:

    My blood boils when I see such super cops. But you know what, a couple of my friends were caught long time back when they were travelling ticketless between Coimbatore and Palakkad. They were a bunch of men and they argued with the TTE to let them know the fine and they would pay it. He was rather polite, he said don’t ever think that a fine is all a ticketless traveller need to pay. If one is to believe him, a ticketless traveller can be jailed in addition to being fined. Probably, that’s what that arrogant guy would have clutched at, if confronted. But then, in a law-less country such as India, he doesn’t have to have any rule of the law to favour him to drag those poor kids to jail or to a police(?!) station! God save my country!!


  2. planemad says:

    Ive seen my fair share of these guys, and they have no mercy. Funny thing is that the one time in my life i didnt buy a ticket on a crowded bus from nandanam to saidapet, cause i was hanging, was the first time i ever saw the ticket inspectors.

    Last thing you want to do is argue with them. I got of with a 100 buck fine instead of 500 with some polite talk


  3. Padmakishore B says:

    To increase services in that beach to avadi section You may send a letter to the joint director public greviances. The address is
    Joint Director,
    Public Grievances,
    General Manager’s Office,
    Southern Railway,
    Park Town,
    Chennai – 600 003


  4. Girish says:

    I was once caught at Beach station with an expired ticket. It got expired since i took the ticket had lunch and then boarded the train from Tambaram.(I agree it was My mistake). I tried explaining the situation nut to no avail. so i asked how much is the fine it was Rs.254. I gave a 500 rupee note and asked for receipt. to my surprise he returned me 300 and said I will consider. Now I had enough of it and I said thanks for your consideration but i need receipt this was when he got angry and started shouting threatning me that he can put me in jail blah blah. finally another tte came and gave me the receipt


  5. x says:

    was caught for an expired ticket cos i went to some place……tte caught me n asked for a 250 fine……had 5000(got rent deposit back same day) and atm ..tte brought me to his office….hid my 5000 n left only 120 rs…..i gave him my wallet …checked it..he didnt see the atm card…..i told him it was an honest mistake…i dont evn speak tamil..a college student frm delhi…..i acted as if i didnt unstand him n scared n shaken……..waited for 30 mins in his office…his patience ran out……he threathen me with a court order n proceded writing up an order…..then a second guy came. ….tte told him that i was being stubborn….he asked 2nd guy if we shud take the hundred in my wallet n split it///second guy thought it would be shameful to take 50 each…….tte let me go probably was humilated by his partner for even thinking of taking 50


  6. Arvind Kumar Sethuraman says:

    I also had a similar experience with a ticket collector who was asking for huge fine initially. But eventually, gave the bill for Rs. 334/- saying monthly pass holders of second class have to pay a month’s fine for travelling in first class. What extra feature are they offering in first class and why have they not put any fare details for this in counters? Also, I managed to get the details of the ticket collector whose name is S Premnath (Ticket Examiner) Madras division. If any one can tell how to put a complaint, please let me know…


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