know, Howto – about A/C servicing

Well buying an A/C is simple, it is about some thing like buying an Elephant, and worrying about maintaining it.

Here are few things about our A/C servicing guys in Chennai during AMC – Annual Maintanance Contract usually happens to be free for the 1st year when you buy an A/C. You need to renew the AMC periodically before it gets expired. It is good as the A/C compressor are costly to be replaced.

What covers in an AMC?
It varies from vendor to vendor. The common ones are listed below

  1. 4 free regular check up of A/C and cleaning of the same.
  2. Compressor gas filling comes under warranty, so filling charges are free
  3. taking them to their service centers are usually free with in so many KMS radius, usually free if you have large number of A/C s under AMC.

Some offer more packages to attract customers, by bringing the compressor under warranty if the A/C are new, so replacement is free.

How to service the A/C the usual method?
The below points are going to referred for the Window A/C unit

  1. Outside panel and controls to be wiped with mild detergent
  2. Air filters to be washed with mild detergent and water
  3. Hot coils the one at the back side of the A/C unit to be cleaned using mild detergent and brush to remove mud particles
  4. Cool coils the one just behind the Air filter to be cleaned using mild detergent and brush to remove dust particles
  5. water hose outlet to be cleaned, and the water outlet pipes to be cleaned with detergent, to remove of dust particles which have been duly collected over a period of time.
  6. The last ones to check, is for the stabilizer to have the wires intact and to have proper conductivity. Usually these wires get in bad shape due to low voltage supply, when a surge of power is draw by these stabilizer to feed the A/C unit.

There are little variation as far as the split A/C is concerned. The outside unit has to be properly cleaned, which usually doesn’t happen as some one in your family needs to supervise the entire operations.

What is that they are supposed to offer during that 1 year?
4 free regular checkup and cleaning of the A/C machine. Yeah for name sake to get their charge sheet signed. Except for the Air filter, nothing else gets cleaned up. If you ask them they will insist, this is more than enough.

What happens when you don’t get the required output from the A/C?
They start cleaning the coils, NOW

My personal experience:
I have a 1 ton Window A/C unit of the make LG 6 yrs old and 2 ton split A/C of the make carrier 1 yr old

I would rate the LG better in terms of servicing they did some decent job, where as the Carrier guys where just behind the money. They would pour a bucket of water on the outside unit which was at the roof top and just cleaning the Air filters of the inside unit of the Split A/C.

Heard from my friends that Samsung is also good in terms of servicing.

The only problem I currently face with my 1 ton LG window A/C is for the loud noise.

Would be glad to hear some constructive comments and suggestions. If you need more info please let me know. If possible I will respond to the comments and suggestions.

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3 thoughts on “know, Howto – about A/C servicing

  1. vinodvv says:

    The AMC charges varies with respect to window or Split and what capacity
    The cheapest AMC for a window A/C 1ton it should close to 1200 INR, terms and conditions may not be good for an old AC

    hope this helps


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