How to find elections nearby

are elections coming soon in chennaiare elections close byElections coming soon

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You must be hearing people screaming over the microphone on most parts of the Chennai city, the Chennai corporation is helping people to get patta, water connection, complain about street light not working etc etc.

Now chennai corporation is making life simple for all Chennai people.

And I thought all the above should be happening at ease, with out even the above Chennai corporation pamphlet distribution at every corner of the street.

So why this distribution of pamphlets all of sudden and that too in the 5th year. Is there any elections coming around 😉

God Save Chennai
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3 thoughts on “How to find elections nearby

  1. N.M.Ismail says:

    Much pleased to refer through this site something required by the dwellers of Zone 28 of Chennai Corporation.
    I have gone through the article published in page 4 of Deccan Chronicle dated 22nd June 2008 under the headline Rs.3 lakh fine from garbage.Very much pleased. It is mentioned in that article that “According to Mayor M.Subramanian, the dumping of debris is high in zone ten comprising posh residential areas, including Raja Annamalaipuram, Mylapore,Adyar,tiruvanmiyur and Velacherry due to the real estate boom there.The objective of collecting fine was not to make money but to ensure that waste is not dumped along the roadside”.It is also referred that all the sanitary inspectors across the 155 divisions had been instructed to focus on these two issues.
    As a senior citizen of this zone 28, I wish to appreciate for all the instructions given to keep the city clean. But to my surprise, i am daily noticing that the debris in our zone is not cleared in time. The lorries are coming by 10.30 and 11.00 a.m and cleaning only 50% of the debris and that too they are collecting from one place and spreading the debris throughout the streets and they are least bothered though we request them to do it properly. COLLECTING THE GARBAGE IN ONE PLACE AND SPREADING THEM ALL OVER THE STREET IS BETTER TO KEEP THE GARBAGE IN THE PLACE WHERE IT WAS. kindly do the needful by taking immediate action to clear the garbage in time. If possible try to keep garbage in every nook and corner and so that the people may put the garbage in the bins.But there should be strict instruction and also announce the fine for those dumping the garbage and debris on the city road.
    We request the Corporation officials to attend these work personally and donot allow the councillors to enter in these matter because they are commercial and find way to make money.
    with regards,


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