Velachery platform crowded

Click on the Photos for a larger version. Enjoy the slice of velachery, chennai taken at different periods of time. So I keep varying about the subject. So kindly bear with me.

Topic 1:

From Vijaynagar bus stand to Velachery Railway station you will be amused to see the number of shops propping up on a day today basis, after the railway station started to function.
fish market on platform
more shopd pavement shopsfoot path shopsfoot path shops

Where is the platform?
Remembering to story of hoarding in Chennai, which added some distractions and vivid colors, Currently helping us to get some cool breeze. I am wondering what happened to the people who were involved in that business. After many years of livelihood a simple rule just took away their work.

I wish the same shouldn’t happen to the vendors of velachery. Either follow rules so that they are not affected after years.

By the way, I Wonder these shop keepers pay the tax and if they did, does it reach the right authorities of the Government or Chennai Corporation. End of the day, people complain about IT professionals and the salaried people who pay the tax, for all the rise in price etc etc. Have we ever worried about the tax payers.

Topic 2:

People can’t control and take a leak here, near Sutherland technologies pavement. You need to have blocked nose to walk on this area of pavement. There is no public toilet around in this huge stretch.

Parking right under the no parking zone is actually fun.

taking peePeople take pee and people park their bikes

Topic 3:


Irony is about these Auto Drivers who park the autos on the pavement or sometimes they even ride on the opposite side of the road, they will even give you a jolt by honking  and even give you a bewildered look while they pass by.

Cop driving on the wrong side of the road
And some times you will find the lawman very much following the rules.

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4 thoughts on “Velachery platform crowded

  1. sathish says:

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  2. T.Parthiban says:

    I have seen many of these since am a recident of velachery. I am a college student and i have to board my college bus near that fish market (picture 1). This market smells very bad and i have to adjust it and stand there waiting for my bus.

    I had the opinion of complaining it to the police. But i saw the police itself getting commision, fish etc from them and they happily drink free tea from the shops there.

    They will only clear it on the day when CM comes to open the bridge, railway station. The very next day all these will pop up again.

    There is no way to clear these platforms until an well educated man gets into politics. Nowadays which politician cares about the people, they just say that they will do this and that b4 they get into politics, after that they will open accounts in SWISS BANKS.

    These policeman riding the vehicles on the opposite lanes! i have seen them many and one was riding just oposite to me when i was riding my cycle in the correct lane. He was shouting at me to move. If people have rights to punish the police, i would have taken his bike key then slapped him.


  3. Loganathan.M says:

    When i was come Chennai, I saw lot of platform shop & plastics carry bags, wast Things. The Chennai mostly polluted by the platform shopkeepers. Youngesters only can avoide those things In chennai. We can make a best chennai, if you belive and work with involvement.


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