Does Chennai respect water?

I have been hearing about the water problem in Chennai for long time, almost for the past 2 decades, very recently I stumbled upon a video on the subject of water conservation in Rajasthan. Please do take a look at the two images, the lids of the under water table has been open by these people to wash their clothes which is almost fit for drinking. These people are really unaware about the situation of what is happening in Chennai.

I am sure these people don’t have water connection at their residence, So I wouldn’t stop them from using this water, but at the same time I don’t want them to contaminate the drinking water.

I seriously feel that Chennai people lack respect for water, and fall a prey during the summer days. Check out the video on how water is treated with respect and how people in Rajasthan preserve water even while they get the lowest rainfall in our Country India.

I am sure politicians also play a major role for the current state in TamilNadu.

Speaking of which TamilNadu needs to learn, respect and to conserve water.

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