The Cascade, Chinese Restaurant @ AnnaNagar, Chennai

If it has to be Chinese food @ AnnaNagar you can count on "The Cascade" too, I will be posting on couple of Chinese restaurants review in the coming days.

Remember that crowded Saravana Bhavan at the 2nd Avenue, the road which leads to Pazumudir Cholai, just opposite you will find Arun Ice cream parlour at the top is our favourite Chinese Restaurant The Cascade.

Bit pricey at the same time you get good quality and quanity food. I was bit taken away when I ordered for fried rice and Malaysian Noodles, We were just four of us out of which one was toddler who is just a year and above. Just the fried rice was actually more than enough to serve 4 people, I ended up carrying the rest of the food to home.

Very important: So when you order, please ask them about the quantity they serve. They just take orders.

Ambience is really good, neat, spacious and good service, but you need a fat wallet. You can notice that I had very little trouble with my younger son. If the place is cramped, I wouldn’t have taken few Photos of the Restaurant. The sofa was cosy and comfortable, neat and odour less, that entertained him a lot.

My rating would be 4 stars out of 5.
300 INR/ Person average

As I said earlier look out for this blog, for more reviews on Chinese Restuarant at AnnaNagar, Chennai.

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