The Canton Chinese Restaurant @ Nugambakkam, Chennai

The canton is small and nice Chinese restaurant at Nungambakkam, just next to Ganpath and it is on the basement. I had been to this place last Sunday, but didn’t really enjoy my lunch. I ordered for Spicy Jade Veg soup, Dragon Chicken as a starter and for the main course West Lake Spicy Chicken and Veg Fried rice. Guess What?

The base preparation for Dragon Chicken and West Lake spicy Chicken was the same, stuffed in Maida, I guess it is common preparation, when guest order for any chicken item, the pull out few pieces and prepare it dry or gravy. The gravy item was little slimy, but didn’t taste bad. The dragon chicken was crispy some pieces were not properly cooked. I did feel the same at the Cascade, it was delicious.

This time I was bit cautious when ordering fried rice, I really took care in understanding the amount be served. Yeah, it serves 2 people.

In spite of the place been small there is no comfort from the sofa and the chairs, Stern sofa which are erect at 90 degrees and it needs proper cleaning too. Ambiance is OK, properly lit apart from the Chinese dragon framed photos these is no Chinese from this place.

Service is good, you get proper answer on the quantity being served, the waiters are humble enough to extend their service when your plates are getting empty, they serve with a good smile.

I have tried the dragon chicken at these places too Shanshi @ AnnaNagar, Kim Ling @ AnnaNagar, The Cascade @ AnnaNagar and The Wangs @ AnnaNagar and @ Velachery. If it has to be dragon chicken it has either has to be The Cascade or The Wangs Kitchen @ Velachery.

Rating: 3 stars out of 5
Price: 250 / Head approximately

Yet to rate few other Chinese restaurants in Chennai, Keep an eye on this space. Please feel free share your comments or critics

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