Thalassery Restaurant @ Anna Nagar, Chennai, Food Review

Thalassery Restaurant is a new entrant for Kerala type foods, houses the taste of Malabar. Thalassery can be located from the front entrance of Anna Tower, the next road to Connexions, which leads to the arch of the Anna Tower close to Hill Greens Restaurant, The restaurant can be found on the first floor on that same lane.

It is a small joint, Currently working on interiors and even on pricing and quantity of food. The place is neat, decently spacious, clean, service is good, Currently improving on all possible directions.

The starter was Chicken 65 ( with bone) the main course ordered was Parotta, Talasery special biriyani and gravy was Naadan Chicken curry.

Naadan Chicken curry has the same preparation of Egg curry except the difference is Chicken, the number of chicken pieces are quite less. It tastes good, the portion can be served for 4 parottas max.

The Chicken 65 is bad experience, I had been to a small road side hotel at Mallapuram once, and ordered for a half portion of Chicken 65 when served it was a full bowl with lots of pieces. At least 4 people will be happy. Considering the kerala tradition they are following it is big disappointment for me, The taste was OK, just that few tissues where gripping on the bones, out of 6 or 7 pieces served most pieces were mere bones. The price is quite high for the quantity served. Don’t try chicken 65 over here.

Parotta the usual ones as you can find on any good restaurant, and now to the Thalasery Special biriyani, what we ordered was little special it doesn’t have chicken or mutton pieces. Just plain Biriyani aka Kushka. The taste was good with variety of spices, still medium spicy. We all loved it.

3 stars of out of five.
Service courteous
Food quantity too less, pricey
Price: 150/Head approximately.

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7 thoughts on “Thalassery Restaurant @ Anna Nagar, Chennai, Food Review

  1. Vivek says:

    It was the worst experience I ever had in a chennai Kerala restaurant. I am a frequent visitor to Kumarakom and Kayal in Annanagar but wanted a change so popped up in Thalassery and ordered for a Biriyani and 4 porottas and a fish curry take away…

    After the bill came everything looked OK but for the Neymeen curry which was priced at 700 rupees for 1 curry …I looked at the menu and it was written “prices as per season” so had to shut up and leave the place as I am not well versed with the fish prices in Chennai…..

    Everything else was competitively priced except for the Fish curry and after some research around I found out that I was cheated royally and vowed that I will never ever go there again..(Even Taj charges you only Rs895 for a Neymeen curry)

    Anyways the place was without a customer when I went there so they might have milked the only person who walked in that day….

    I would highly recomend everyone to keep away from that place….


  2. VIPIN says:

    This restaurant has traditional taste of kerala . this place is fully hygenic and clean surrounding , good educated workers.
    and managers, this will grow much more after two months, just need pre – planing . covering anna nagar area by menu cards , at the right time , at the right season , which is now. out of 2000 menu card , 20 customer is enough to grow thalassery more than now. costomer satisfaction is must , any how food is always best , we much catch bachalors in anna nagar , family too.
    sweet small thalassery .


  3. Sangeetha says:

    we ( around 5 people) had visited the hotel on……… January 2011 @ 7.30 p.m, I We had ordered the dishes in 5 minutes, but it took them more than an hour to serve us… .
    They had never bpothered to inform us why the delay was… ?
    we were terribly hungry… The serving had happened only after we had reminded them abbout the delay.
    Besides, we find no reason for delay bcos the restaurant had only a couple beisdes us as cusotmers . If its croweded then we can understand it… !!!!
    The soup that we had ordered was literally red chilli paste soup with few lines of chicken, rather than chicken soup.
    despite we had complaint of the soup being toooooo edible to consume no hotel atttendeed bothered to taste the soup and solved the situation. literally we had wasted the food….
    Whatever food we ahd ordered the quantity was less, and the Price was heavy.
    During that one hr of wait not a single person from the hotel waiter/ manager was there…. its was only we 5 people were them sitting clueless….

    I decided that I would not recommend this hotel for any body . They had failed in so many aspects including the dishes, customer service etc….. unworthy piece …


  4. w block resident says:

    This restaurant is situated in the heart of a residential lane. The owner of the property has illegally or semi-legally converted a building which was approved for residential purposes into a commercial one. This building where thalassery is situated has at least 6 shops in it and is creating nuisance for the residents of this street.


    When you have a hotel next door to your house with cars and bikes parked in front of your gate and people gathering and chatting and creating nuisance in a otherwise peaceful environment, you will understand what I mean.


  5. arun says:

    The food is tasty in tune with kerala taste at chennai.Feeling like home and having mother’s preparation.In chennai one of the best you can rely on.


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