Curry House @ Anna Nagar, Chennai – Restaurant Review

I know it is been a long time, Curry House at Anna Nagar Chennai, is nice cozy place to be with your family. We tried the north Indian type dishes Butter Naan, Kadai Chicken and for starters Sweet Corn veg soup, Chicken Andhra Kabab.

Chicken Andhra Kabab is really hot and spicy, compliment it lot of water. The portion of Kadai Chicken was the just right for 3 sets of butter Naans.

What I liked about this place is, it has lots of space for kids to move around, does make kids to suffocate, so they are more relaxed. At least my younger son a year a half was more cool and composed. The sofa arrangement is really good you can put your kids to sleep, if needed. There is a separate room for kids to hang around you can browse the photos. They place is vandalized artistically by lovable kids.

The place is clean, ample lighting, service is good and the food taste good and Yeah, The food is moderately expensive.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.
Budget: 250/ Person approximately

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One thought on “Curry House @ Anna Nagar, Chennai – Restaurant Review

  1. PKumar says:

    Hi, they’ve opened up a new restaurant in Bessy beach, its called “Once Upon A Pirate…” near the church. It was pretty cool ambiance with pirate stuff inside, the kebabs and the chinese sides are great! You go chk it out!


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