Dynasty restaurant, Chinese – AnnaNagar, Chennai

Dynasty Chinese Restaurant at AnnaNagar, Chennai, I move around this place so often to fill petrol for my car, some time for shopping at Yeses and even use to hang around with my friends near the church but completely missed this place a thousand and one times, because the name board was placed in an odd place, until recently my friend picked up an food order from Kayal, the malayali restaurant. Dynasty is at the second floor of that same building.

So as usual I started with dragon chicken and one more starter was Kon… chicken (forgot the name) after which I ordered for ginger pepper onion chicken as gravy for the vegetable fried rice and Veg hakka noodles.

My family just loved the food, the taste was good, and ambiance is good, decently lit. Place is neat and spacious. Well the dragon chicken was not crispy, still the taste was as good as the Wangs Kitchen. Yes, I was aware of the quantity of fried rice served, It should serve two people. Service is good. Bit pricey.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Budget: 300/ Person approximately.

tags: Chinese, Restaurant, AnnaNagar, Chennai, Photography, review

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