11 thoughts on “Chennai Metro – bus route & timings

  1. lavanya says:

    This initiative is a welcome one 🙂 I have suggestion to add to your website, like ‘start place’ and destination field would be of more help. so if i want to commute from Besant nagar to saidapet, then my start place will be besant nagar and destination would be saidapet, and ur website list out all the buses passing these terminal will be of great help from this website!

    I really appreciate your mind blowing work.. It would have been great if govt too thinks in this line!

    Thanks and regards,


  2. Shopping mall in Chennai says:

    Hey! Thats a nice job. I use this site regularly to find the bus routes of Chennai. Quite useful. Thanks for sharing such an useful info!


  3. sriram says:

    mind bogging.i am new to chennai and want to settle here.bus routs were confusing and i always missed the right bus.i never knew one such exhist and sheer chance i found this site.thank u and God.regards


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