Pepper restaurant AnnaNagar, Chennai review

Had been to the Pepper restaurant Chinese, Chettinad and Tandoor on Sunday Afternoon with my family, It is on same lane next Nalas Appa kadai, on the same building of Dynasty – the Chinese restaurant. The earlier Kayal which just got replaced by Pepper restaurant.

Now to the food items, Corn Soup as usual, nothing great about it, but delicious. Starter was Chicken Tikka, and for the main course we had 2 butter naan, 1 plain biryani and the side dish was Kadai Chicken.

Chicken tikka was good, was spicy and little crispy would have made it interesting. Plain Biryani should serve one but the Kadai chicken gravy was too less, but chicken pieces offered was fleshy and good. I expect them to increase the gravy part as a family we adjusted to clear the butter naan from our table.

The place is clean, spacious and children friendly, the high rise of sofas offers good privacy.

Price, for a middle class family it would be apt on their pocket with this kind of ambiance it should a pleasurable experience.

Rating: 3/5. 200/Head should be a great deal. I am yet to try their complete menus. It is just an another multicusine kind of restaurant but pocket friendly.

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2 thoughts on “Pepper restaurant AnnaNagar, Chennai review

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