Virudunagar Burma Kadai restaurant, Annanagar Chennai – Review


Probably this is the ambiance every chetinnad restaurant consumer wanted, I am sorry. This is my  third visit to this restaurant, twice left the place because it was over crowded and waiting time was past 15 mins, which was beyond my hunger expectation.

If the chetinnad consumer loved this, I would to hear from them, What made this restaurant tick? I had visited pepper restaurant  10-20mts away from this restaurant,  Aasai restaurant 50-100 mts away, both are chetinaad restaurant, but this was full with customers. One restaurant is shutting shop and the other was doing OK, and I love the food at that restaurant who is closing down the shop.

People, Burma kadai is pretty expensive for the quantity they serve. Check out my previous reviews on the other restaurants. Are you that health conscious that the quantity served is enough.

I have had the similar food at the Pepper restaurant and that was mouthful and sumptuous, I am talking about the Biryani. The butter Naan was soft with a difference* but not as good a pepper either. We where 6 adults and ordered for the following

  1. Chicken Tikka – starters
  2. Chicken drum stick – starters
  3. Veg Pulav
  4. Veg fried rice
  5. Egg Biryani
  6. Chicken chops
  7. Butter Naan 2 set
My family had their review and these are the average rating,
  1. Chicken Tikka – starters – 3 stars
  2. Chicken drum stick – starters – 1 star
  3. Veg Pulav – 2 star  – You could order for ghee rice
  4. Veg fried rice – 4 stars
  5. Egg Biryani – 3 stars – no way better than pepper restaurant for quantity and taste
  6. Chicken chops – FUCK – I even called up the server to inquire whether the delivered item was chops, I was expecting few pieces when I had 6 member in my family and what the fuck is that gravy for. You can view the photo displayed, It was served twice. The first one was so so over cooked that when my wife was checking on the stuff she found white blobs of over cooked chicken flesh. After inquiry  they were courteous to serve the second time with the fresh chicken and I appreciate the service
  7. Butter Naan 2 set – *Rubber was better.
My family was not happy with the food, My family’s priority was or have always been taste, healthy, ambiance  and price. End of the day we earn to survive.
Too pricey for the quantity they serve, Will visit again. If I hear from my friends that they have improved in terms of quantity and quality.
4 stars for service
2 stars for quantity
1 star fot quality

7 thoughts on “Virudunagar Burma Kadai restaurant, Annanagar Chennai – Review

  1. Arun says:

    Virudhunagar Burma Kadai is known for its parotta, at least in Virudhunagar that is. Their parottas are also expensive by Virudhunagar standards… So i guess you either ate the wrong food or this place aint good as the original Virudhunagar Burma Kadai.


  2. find classifieds ads chennai says:

    this post is very nice..collections are great..i likes it…keep posting more blogs..i wish u for a great future..


  3. sakthivel says:

    i think they want to spoil the name of the restaurant bcos their chicken gravy is very popular so far i have heard. What made my friend write like this?


  4. joel says:

    Hey , I think you just want to spoil the reputation of Burma hotel, I have gone there many times with my family all my family members are ADICTED TO bURMA HOTEL FOODS


  5. 88dbsakthi says:

    I have the same stories with some restaurants in Chennai, especially with North Indian restaurants who serves lower quantity of food .But this time its comes from south Tamilnadu restaurant.
    And i am thinking over the rating

    1 star for the quality which means you got the really bad quality of food with that restaurant .

    Hope this kind of genuine reviews comes in the future to understand better about Chennai restaurants


  6. VKR says:

    I had been to this restaurant for more than dozen times with my friends and family. Addiction is the only word for this restaurant. Different Decor, Committed Servers and Customer Friendly Management. I have seen few of the Restaurant near by which differs completely in taste. You have to the quality of food that’s served. I have some back ground of Restaurant Industry and I can say the most of the food are freshly prepared and I say from the appearance and taste of the food supplied. The Grams used in Sambar are not used by any of restaurant and mostly extinct I was shocked to see the the Grams which was used in my Grandma Days which has amazing taste.

    You have to taste the authentic food from this restaurant which is much far apart from the rest in Chennai.


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