Sunfilm naughty 10%…

Just been thinking Chennai is finding it hard to beat the heat while recent supreme court verdict says to remove sun film on all four wheelers.

Just because of the naughty 10% why should the 90% of people suffer. Aren’t there better technologies and hard laws to solve the problem.

All these strict laws may disappear in the next few months and the loosers are the once who support these laws.

Friends have been saying wait for an stay order it should be on its way.

2 thoughts on “Sunfilm naughty 10%…

  1. anand says:

    Now after the ban on sunfilm, the following are points requires reconsideration:
    Daily rape events, murders, eve teasing etc are reported in newspapers. All these are happening outside the sunfilm cars only. Bacause of the ban on sunfilm these criminals have not stopped their activity or the supreme court could not control it. We expect the responsibility and more accountability from judiciary and police personnels to curtail the criminal activity and not ban on sunfilm.


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