Ladies, How to avoid ur Gold jewelry from theft?

Been a photographer, recently I had been to few occasions, I see a new trend in Jewelry in what women wear. These jewelries existed earlier, but you could only find among the college girls.

I got excited, the reason was that my friend also got in to the jewelry business and I happened to shoot photos of the jewelry and create artworks for her facebook page.

Let me introduce you to Knots & Strings



When I say occasions, I meant marriages, parties. And women in teens to mid thirties and beyond thirties where flaunting with these non lustrous costly metals.  The best part is that beautiful girls and ladies like you can save your neck, Gold necklace, earrings.

Think about it. In case you need proof, let me know I can give 😉

2 thoughts on “Ladies, How to avoid ur Gold jewelry from theft?

  1. Susan Deborah says:

    I am a sucker for hand-made jewellery and also junk jewellery. My debit card is swiped time and again for paying for these kinds of jewellery. They definitely look good and come in various colours and sizes.

    Thanks for introducing another such site where my debit card will be swiped.

    Joy always,


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