me 37 yrs old, What Chennai means to me?

This post is a part of an initiative by Chennai Bloggers’ Club; a Facebook community for like-minded bloggers. Around 30+ bloggers are writing about, What Chennai Means to Them. This tag was before taken up by Jothi Vel Moorthi Who says “who never blogs :-)” fortunately he does blog occasionally like me.

Mera Bharat Mahan. ❤

I have lived here for the past 37 years, had options to live in some other part of the India too, but never choose to leave Chennai, call it small thinking or comfort zone. Chennai remains safe or at least gives you get a feeling of being safe, being a Keralite still I continue to forbid my born up state “God own country”. Good things about Chennai, and my wish list is what I am about to list. No drawbacks listed here, that is why News papers exist 😉

  1. Hardly we see sky scrapers compared to rest of India – Happy
  2. City expands, Wish infrastructure like Electricity, Road ways expand along with that.
  3. Wish city had bicycle lane, and a separate lane for Ambulance
  4. Love the parks right in the center of the city, Semmozhi poonga, Anna Tower, Nageswara rao park, Wish for more lively and large one like these. And by the way entry free, Photography free. Well we pay tax too 😉
  5. Love the parakkum rail aka MRTS, Mono rail aka upcoming Metro rail. All I wish is lot more frequency so that people stop taking 2 wheelers, 4 wheelers etc. or up to the railway stations alone. Hopefully I wish to see the Annanagar, padi railways stations renovated and working. By the way would love to have larger more frequency on the Beach – Avadi route.
  6. Wish to see large parking lots or even automated parking lots or even privatized automated parking lots near these railway stations.
  7. Dustbins get cleared, happy about it. Wish waste gets segregated to organic and non bio degradable like plastics.
  8. Wish cleaning happens while the city sleeps, Yes, cleaning should happen during nights.
  9. Wish Chennai Government could do some thing for clean, efficient – sea water to clean water generation. We are depleting water resources in adjoining areas to meet the demands of Chennai.
  10. Wish Chennai water tax dept, to collect tax when there is supply of water to households.
  11. Wish Chennai Auto rickshaws get their rates fixed. Wish Auto rickshaws get stationed outside the station for pickup.

Well enough of my wish list for Chennai, Interested you can add your wish too in the comments. I thank you.

Now I pass the blog tag to

VJ Eshwar , Loves to write a lot but fails to print the publish button 😛

9 thoughts on “me 37 yrs old, What Chennai means to me?

  1. Destination Infinity says:

    I read somewhere that they are utilizing reverse-osmosis plant to convert sea-water into fresh-water. If it’s not already happening, it should start sometime soon. When compared to Bglore, Chennai has very limited parks. A separate lane for bicycle and electric bikes is very important – China and western countries already have this! In places like Bangalore and Coimbatore, water tax makes a lot of sense as they provide Kaveri water and Siruvani water, respectively. But the sea-port is a huge asset for us. Many heavy engineering companies have been set-up here due to this reason! Excellent (and useful) post.

    Destination Infinity


  2. muthuswamy says:

    chennai if has to has to get rid of the localites whose inferiority complex about their skin..manifests in rude behaviour to others..spineless ppl.. stab you at the bavck not surprisingly sri lankans kick them and even govt of india doesnt support them.. think tn assembly resolution rejected by parliament.. best is india and srilanka should drive these idiots away


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