Broken Bridge Adyar

I was reluctant to join this CBC photo walk, because I was under the assumption that I was doing the similar walk “Eliphinstone Bridge Adyar

Later realized it was Broken bridge walk, and even thought it was close to Eliphinstone bridge.  That brings to memory of a dialogue from a movie “Assumption is mother of all F*” it turned to be a costly for me, as I had made a friend to walk along with to the old Eliphinstone bridge, The distance cost was 80 bucks by Auto rickshaw.

I am sure most of you know the Besant Nagar beach aka Elliot’s beach. We got down at Cozee and few more friend of CBC where already waiting there. We headed over to Urrur Kuppam, easiest way to find is on the same road you will find Bridge stone tire shop, take a right turn you will see the kuppam, start walking for about 15-20 minutes, you will see the Broken bridge.

I had been to this Elliot’s beach several times, didn’t know this place. It was worth that long walk. It was serene in spite of Coovum river. Hopefully my photos should do justice to this place.



The lady bird above is at the entrance of “students sea turtle” structure, You should know about saving the sea turtles, where a large group of people walk every Friday, Saturday evening to next day morning. Here is where you can get in-depth details about the walk – a detailed post from a CBC friend Ravi Kunjwal.



At last the broken bridge




Was indeed happy to find a family at this place.



The family leaving little early, Seems like this place is not that great safe place for women. Heard there is police patrol activity, still seems to be an unsafe place for women.










For sure I will visiting this place again for my photography.

10 thoughts on “Broken Bridge Adyar

  1. Susan Deborah says:

    Your pictures are so very breath-taking and lovely. I wonder how you select what to capture and how to capture. A photographer is a gift to all of us otherwise how can we see so much beauty in the ordinary and the mundane.

    Proud to know you, VV.

    Thanks for this delightful treat.

    Joy always,


  2. Destination Infinity says:

    I too thought it was the same bridge as the ‘Elphinstone bridge’ which we walked recently. But this sunday I had a lot of work and hence couldn’t have come anyway… Beautiful clicks and it seems to be a nice place for a visit…

    Destination Infinity


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