The Little People’s Festival

The Little People’s Festival
Gallery Sri Parvati, Ground Floor, Eldams Road, Teynampet, Chennai.
Saturday, April 27, 2013
10:30am until 8:30pm

I am thankful to Revathi Ram of for conducting a wonderful event for kids and their parents. It was in recent months I came to know about yocee from a Photographer friend Ramaswamy Nalla Perumal.

I appreciate her thought for giving a wonderful exposure to the city growing kids, I am sure most of these activities are enjoyed by kids in Village as some of these activities become part of life, well at least to some extent in some way or the other.

pottery class contact

pottery class contact

The only drawback for city kids is that the workshop happens at Dakshin Chitra. If you can afford will surely recommend to take it up.

Artsy Bottles

Artsy Bottles

The beauties out here show their talent on the bottles, they make custom design if you have you own ideas. I have tried and gave up because of time and the effort and the wastage of bottles. Very few in India appreciate this talent. Way to go, my friends

The Art Wizard

The Art Wizard

Get the creative side of your kids, the P.O.P shapes are excellent ones to paint.

Creative Ladder

Creative Ladder




002 003 005

The effort she took to tell the story of each variety of clay and the way she handled kids was awesome.


Like I said the POP


Works of Children at the pottery workshop



almost_lost crying_girl_child nagging_girl_child

Meet this girl, She started nagging her mother to buy each item she sees. She almost got lost. She fought with her mother and left the arena.

Final scene was Mother with tears and child unable to understand why. All was well.


Don’t know what happened to this little daisy, The entire crowd was watching her, Must have been heat, she got little cranky. Mother and daughter finally left the arena.





2 thoughts on “The Little People’s Festival

  1. Shayatri says:

    there a lot of things like this that happens in Mumbai, especially during the holidays,but its great that it does in chennai too- my niece and nephew would have loved the pottery workshop and the ceramic painting-but none-the-less, thank you for posting 🙂


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