Aircel blog up meet

Aircel Blog up meet

Aircel blog up meet

Aircel blog up meet

It was interesting to meet like-minded bloggers and the take away from Aircel blog up meet was the unified data plan 1GB of 2G/3G cost as little as 128 INR Indeed very cheap compared to other major players

The question remains is the Speed, the availability and the consistency. Seems like compared to other operators Aircel seems to be good when the speed test was done throughout Chennai and Tamil Nadu, The test was performed at Aircel retail centres.

Sure seems to be better proposition for end users where their current network having less number of subscribers when compared to other operators.

The question remains with Aircel is that the speed, the consistency and the reliability will remain the same when the subscribers become more. Hoping it should remain good.

By the way, a question from a peer blogger on the availability of consistency, speed on 3G data connection with respect to outskirts of city. The answer seems to with the number of subscribers been in you area, the more the better meaning if more subscribers where it seems to be profitable for the operator to operate a 3G infrastructure. P.S: the question was not specific to Aircel alone.


Aircel Team: Thank you, for the opportunity, few things

  1. Please start the meeting on time, whether others turn up on time or not. Our time is also precious as yours
  2. Trending on twitter – It would be nice if all of us can answer to easy questions or and not give answers were we don’t have to think. As a marketer you should understand what I mean 🙂


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