Beware – Biryani after 10PM at Rahham’s

It happened that we where returning after a cinematic video shoot at Dhakshin Chitra, By the time we reached the city it was almost 9:30PM, I could feel the large intestine eating up the small intestine, we stepped in to Rahham’s Resturant at Kodambakkam, as I was a regular at Rahham’s Annanagar.  The moment we stepped in,  I asked the server, What can you serve us fast? He replied Biryani. My friend and me immediately ordered for an Egg biryani and a Mutton biryani.

We started eating, the biryani was not stale, but it had reached the bottom meaning the last portion.

  1. You could feel the rice which had become hard and crisp once it becomes cold.
  2. That the biryani was reheated. That made it even worse.
  3. We asked the man who served us, don’t you think the biryani is some what odd, could you please check.
  4. He came saying even I did try, not bad

I am sure, if he was offered that same biryani, he would not have eaten for the price he is paying. The insane reply that you are not ready to service your customer knowing that the food you are offering is below expectation of savoury.

By the way, how did we assure that we got the last portion of biryani, My friend wanted a parcel of Biryani for this brother. Swiftly the answer came – no more biryani, fried rice is available.

With just 2 biryani’s Rahham’s has lost 2 customers and its respective families.

What could have been avoided? – the bad experience

  1. They could have offered us a choice of food.
  2. Even after taking the biryani order and coming back telling us, that the biryani has reached the last portion and wouldn’t be nice. It would be have been our call.
  3. Food is something most people come to the same restaurant after having the taste that they loved.
  4. Acquiring new customer is costly, old one is cheap. So don’t deceive them.
  5. The owner of the joint has to ingrain the idea to his employees about service.

Well what could go wrong, we are already popular? If that is the mind set. Hmmm…n

2 thoughts on “Beware – Biryani after 10PM at Rahham’s

  1. Jason says:

    That’s business and sometime they give dried chicken fry with biryani claiming no chicken pieces in biryani…quality of biryani has been degraded nowadays in few shops 😦


  2. Prashant Asokan says:

    One of the worst service experience,though excellent food .. how ever I will not be going there again because of poor service levels and the attitude displayed by the staff including the managing partner … if u see my bill I had ordered for 1/2 soup… one portion is costing Rs110/- as per the menu… but rather shocked to see they charging 140/- .When checked with the staff they claim this is what is fed in their POS as the charges for 1/2 is different from 1 portion and they will not be able to reverse the charges. When confronted that neither you informed me about extra charges not you have printed the prices in the menu… they acknowledge and assured to make changes in future … trying to defend why they have charged extra.. due to paucity of time … I had to pay extra and leave … though they had given their owner’s name (Abdul Rashid) to escalate… the owner did not even pick the phone nor he responded to my text msg…finally I got a call from the same staff apologising… End of the day it’s not about 30rs but the kind of attitude displayed for not even acknowledging their mistake and defending it and also the attitude off the Owner… Do u expect me to go back to this place with such a pathetic attitu

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