Feels much better than Home – #LifeAtRamco

Words expressed here are truly mine and what I have experienced in the shortest duration of time with an invitation to their workplace. I have worked and have visited lot of IT companies who flare/ flaunt about the work environment. After I quit IT, I passionately work here


I have no idea about the number of employees who work there. But for sure the services which the company offers are in great demand where the limitation is space vs number of employees.

1st impression of the newly renovated Ramco systems is a heaven for the fresher, there are IT companies provide similar facilities, so what stands unique with Ramco is the culture, the attitude.

What you get out of this review?
I can’t promise you a job at Ramco systems, but if you have a good attitude and the required expertise which fulfills their needs, you could be the next SUPER HERO.

Eat-out area

interior_001 interior_002 interior_003 interior_004 interior_005 interior_006


The essential things are in place

toilet_001 toilet_002 toilet_003 toilet_004



Work place with fun/leisure accessories

wordplace_001 wordplace_002


The conference room


More recreation and relaxation center – they offer shoulder massage, and handled by professional,  you are in safe hands

wordplace_004 wordplace_005 wordplace_006

The Yoga center/ Gym/ Fitness/Recreation area


Cafeteria – The right ambience for those little chats with your close friends

wordplace_008wordplace_009 wordplace_010

All said and done, if you wanted to reach out to ramco systems check the following links listed below

  1. Ramco systems website
  2. Ramco systems Facebook 
  3. Ramco systems Twitter

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