OMR Food Street


A quick joint and with a great variety of fast foods to hang out with friends, family and all alone too.

Neatly organised shops just like any bazaar’s in Chennai, a bit of modern street view. Vehicles can enter through the front side, and about 12 cars can be parked on the OMR Food Street. Vehicles can exist on the other side of the street, A security guard to aid in parking is available.


Variety of food outlets ranging from Mexican, Arabian, Malaysian, Thai, Burmese, Indian and specialties on  pastries  and ice creams.

_DSC3466_DxO _DSC3465_DxO _DSC3464_DxO _DSC3459_DxO _DSC3458_DxO _DSC3457_DxO _DSC3456_DxO _DSC3455_DxO _DSC3454_DxO _DSC3453_DxO

Here are few things OMR Food street could come up with

  1. At least give hand wash with soap dispenser for every 2 stores. Not all of them used to spoons, knife and a fork.
  2. Restroom seriously needs attention.
  3. I am a non vegetarian still, I don’t like the smell of meat and fish, Hope you can segregate like you find in most market places. A wall is seriously needed.
  4. Most eat-outs have very limited food items listed.
  5. Standing and having food for a long time, certainly not my style.

_DSC3465_DxO _DSC3464_DxO

Needs to re arrange few outlets – above pics


Needs serious attention – above pic

_DSC3490_DxO _DSC3503_DxO _DSC3505_DxO _DSC3504_DxO _DSC3501_DxO _DSC3483_DxO _DSC3486_DxO _DSC3507_DxO

Blogger friends having a whale of a time

Verdict: New kid on the block, a different approach, still an average joe, Can do better by adding few amenities. Choice of food available, but still limited menu at each out-lets, pocket friendly.

Best Wishes to the management for their new food outlet venture which is coming up at Navlur and surrounding areas.

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