UrbanClap meet at Waf O Bel



The Welcome Drink – ICE tea

IMG_20160827_110106 IMG_20160827_110115 IMG_20160827_110123 IMG_20160827_110316


IMG_20160827_123602 IMG_20160827_123608 IMG_20160827_123614

Bloggers have a whale of a time



Finally the Yummy Waffles


UrbanClap meet at Waf O Bel

Let us get to UrbanClap

UrbanClap is in nascent stage, But a win win situation for customers and for freelancers who offer the same service at some of the professional companies, outlets etc

UrbanClap is trying to listen to customers, so lend your words for them to improve and little more time to mature.

UrbanClap has a lot of  categories,  I am vendor as in Wedding services, so I get to know both sides of UrbanClap. They are trying their level best to help both sides meaning the as provider and as a customer too.

Would wait for them to mature and certainly try their and provide service on UrbanClap – As they are ready to hear and provide us better solution.




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