Indian company offers World class product – Ather S340

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If you want to know the features of the Ather S340 check the video above.

What you get to read is a customer perspective, okay not yet a customer, my mind says I will own one soon.

India is country where every one thinks it is okay if the roads had potholes, If some one jumps a signal it is still fine as long as he or she is not affected, meaning meet with an accident. Every thing is average, every thing is okay with us.

hota hai chalta hai dunya hai

The Mindset is like that. I blame myself that I am also part of it.  During these times, I come across bunch of Youngsters, fellow Indians, who’s thinking are much different from fellow Indians. 

During the interaction with Ather S340 team, I had goosebumps,  I was feeling proud and happy that an Indian company can produce a world-class product. 

I was at their facility IITM Research Park, Chennai last Sunday, the usual ppt presentation and I thought it is just an another Electric bike in the production. I was completely wrong, the company is not an another Electric Scooter company which imports parts and then assembles them in India and finally does a lot of marketing and sells them. This company has a vision, this company is not settling down for average, meagre, substandard product in to the hands of an Indian.

The standards are High – From the choice of selecting batteries to electronic display panel to tires, carbon footprint, mileage, build quality and much more, each of these criteria are meticulous looked upon to offer the best performance and safety of every Indian who rides the Ather S340.

What is so different about the S340?
The eco system which is getting build, Imagine you buy the Electric scooter and you had to recharge every day, only at your residence and at some point you are in the middle of the road. There is no point buying them right.

Ather is building an eco system i.e building up Charging stations at food outlets, recreation centers,malls, movie theaters etc, but not just for Ather S340, they are thinking of helping their competition, meaning other Electric vehicles, for every 3-4 KMS . Currently the scooter is tested for 50,000 KMS. Some thing similar to Maruti Alto’s life expectancy.   Encouraging more people to buy cleaner energy and making a healthier neighborhood and a healthy future for our kids.

Isn’t that a nice thought. The company has a longer time frame to build eco system and make profits as the market matures. I love this very thought of this young company. Like JRD Tata’s vision.

Like any other company who do testing their products, these scooters undergo a heavy testing, the advantage is that The Ather S340 sends data in real-time back to company server, so the company can

  1. advise on the way you drive the S340 scooter – driving style, custom user profiles available to choose
  2. Health of the scooter is monitored in real-time, I know, I too had eye balls popping out. They can advise on when you can leave the scooter for service
  3. How fast the battery power is discharged, alert systems in place. By the way the battery does have 50,000 life cycles ,as on today the replacement cost is 25,000 INR that would take 5 years of the scooter’s riding time.
  4. What if some thing goes wrong, an accident, They can offer you details on to an extent how the road was, and did the S340 skid, well not all the time, may be if they had enough data on the road. They can help you with the Insurance company. For that matter vandalism.
  5. The company may or may not send data in real-time from the scooter not just in testing phase even after production comes live, they are still planning on it.

What more can you ask for? It seemed to me like a kid who dreamed of building a futuristic scooter and in the coming days which seemed to be reality.

Final words: I trust this company, that they would make a dent on the world map and make India proud. Worth the company to follow, add them to them to your wish list.


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