CP Five Star strong & growing in Chennai

CP the brand known world wide, are making their strong presence in Chennai by the name CP Five Star, they are expanding with no compromise on quality of the food products for the consumer.

A little intro on the company CP Five Star Chicken – Five star chicken was founded in 1985 in Thailand,  They  have 7000 outlets spread over Thailand, Myanmar, Combodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, China, Bangladesh and currently India. They started their operations in Bangalore in November 2012 with 350+ outlets. They are spreading their wings in Chennai, Kochi & AP and in smaller towns as Mangaluru, Chikamangaluru, Mandya in Karnataka.

Where does the chicken come from meaning how do they acquire inventory?
They own farms in India, storage and distribution are under their control. The food what you eat at their outlets are completely traceable, the reason is that CP has their own feed mills, farming, processing plant and retail outlets all under complete supervision of CP.

To illustrate their strength during the Bird flu season, CP Five star was the only company operating in Kochi because their chickens where grown in control environments. So “Farm to Fork” the company is in complete control. They take pride in it.  Cleanliness, Quality & Man power  are their strength, the company take great care of their employees. It ensures no child labor, promotes women welfare.

So the blogger event started you can follow the tweets by searching the hash tag #StarBrunchinChennai The menu for the day was a huge list, certainly a very high protein diet for the day, but the taste buds had a great time

Chicken Delight

  1. Thai Crispy – comes in a bucket, Thumbs up ❤ it.
  2. Crunchy Masala – comes in a bucket, Indian-ised version, for some one who wants spicy
  3. Hot N’ Smokey – comes in a bucket, spicy
  4. Sausages – luckily it came in pieces, comes in two flavors
  5. Hot Dogs – Long ones, still Yummy
  6. Chicken Herbs cheese fingers – a different taste, it still lingers
  7. Chicken nuggets – used to it, still yummy
  8. Hungry bird Burger – Can surely fill the stomach after you try the ones above.
  9. Chicken Biryani – medium spicy, tastes good for me

I had left out Chicken Spicy Fingers & Chicken shots because I didn’t try them

Now on to Veg Feast – Vegan you are not left out

  1. Jalapeno nuggets – if you love the Jalapeno taste, it is awesome
  2. Corn Cheese Nuggets –  it tastes good
  3. Mini Magic Cutlets – crown shaped, did taste good
  4. Aloo tikki – hmmmmm…n Good
  5. French fries – Okay if you like potatoes
  6. Veg Mix Burgers – decent fillers
  7. Veg Biryani – spicy too many spices, dominant spices I would say

Desserts & Beverage (No hard drink after all the heavy food, pun intended)

  1. Choco Volcana – with a vanilla crust is definitely a welcome, soft and melts in mouth
  2. Choclate Samosa – okay
  3. Masala Nimbu – Jaljeera types
  4. Green Apple – Apple flavor is there

My favorites re Jalapeno nuggets, Corn Cheese Nuggets Thai Crispy Chicken, Sausages, Chicken herb cheese fingers, Chicken biryani and Choco Volcana

I am planning to visit their facility and their outlets in coming days. Hopefully I should be able to write an another review for CP Five Star Chicken with my family giving me inputs.

Till then try their various outlets, heard they are pocket friendly and let me know what you felt about their food.


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