Diabetic? eat sugar, still in control, how to?

There are ways to stay healthy and still eat food of your choice. This is how it works

You earn money, don’t spend unnecessarily and at the end you have a huge saving – that is good for you.

Why didn’t it work on your health?
the principle is the same,

  1. You eat more
  2. Don’t burn the fat by doing exercise, work etc
  3. You end up with bad fat

In order to stay healthy we need to have discipline i.e work out and eat healthy food, do understand the nutrition value of the food we eat.

So what did I learn from diabetic master class. Before that, I need to tell you about “Diabetic food trail” Meet Seema Pinto who is soul and heart of Diabetic food trail, She is diabetic, her love for food is the reason she started this moment. She is there to help more & more diabetic people understand on how to stay healthy by having nutritious food and still be in control.seema-pinto-nov-2016

Seema Pinto & Manoj Pinto are the Managing directors of  Semora Entertainment works,


So what led to “Diabetic food trail” is because they extensively travel to meet clients across the country. Seema had this thought on how could she help other Diabetic patients. Hence the sharing of knowledge on how to beat diabetics and stay healthy that lead to the master class.

The idea of Diabetic food trail is to help diabetic patients to step out to any restaurants across India and have diabetic friendly food, Especially for people who travel across the country for various reasons. She is spending her energy with the master class on diabetics to help people and also for restaurants to come with diabetic friendly foods

Currently here are restaurants in Chennai who serve Diabetic friendly food, the list is still adding up, check the website http://www.diabeticfoodtrail.com/ each city has a list of restaurants which serve diabetic friendly food.


Now that you know the motive behind “Diabetic food trail” let me give you an idea of what I did learn from the “Nutrichoice Essentials Diabetic Master class”

In order to beat the enemy aka diabetics, you have to have an understanding

Dr. Wasim was kind enough to illustrate with examples on how the sugar level would boost up on the food we eat. Here is one such simple example

Dr. Wasim: How many glass of apple juice could you drink?

from the audience few said 2, 5 and so on.

Dr.Wasim: How many Apples can you eat?

a bit of silence, because the question was slightly different, then from audience 1 and 2

So here is an simple explanation from Dr.Wasim: Apple as such has fibre and fructose, what if we ignore the fibre part, the sugar level goes high, when we eat Apple our body has to process the fibre and break down fructose is small levels.

Other facts said by Dr.Wasim, Did you know that ghee is a fat burner, if used in small quantities. This explanation was given to us when Chef Vamsi was making one of his awesome diabetic friendly dishes.

We had Chef Vamsi & Chef Teuku for the day, who made us the following diabetic friendly dishes

  1. Asian Lettuce Cup
  2. Tuna Salad Wraps
  3. Baked assorted Lentil stew casserole
  4. pan seared sea bass
  5. and finally a dessert – Pecan, Red banana and Nutri choice essentials oats biscuit pudding


Asian Lettuce Cup above – did you check the volume of rice, hardly there. The essence is fibre content.


Tuna Salad Wraps – Chef Vamsi prepared a vegan salad wraps substituting Tuna  with Panner


Pan seared sea bass


Baked assorted Lentil stew casserole

In simple terms our rice eating habit has to be in small levels and has to have enough fibre content so that our body can absorb and process food efficiently.

I was asking Seema Pinto that if I had this small portion of food at 1:00PM, I would be hungry by 3:00PM

She started explaining, that I might feel hungry in the early stages of practicing new food habits, as we cut down on the portion and only eat enough to fulfil our appetite.

She says when you feel HUNGRY eat food, again in small portions. Just to kill the appetite.
Chef Vamsi was saying having food 5 times a day instead of 3 times is a healthier habit.

So I had this question to Seema: If I am at home I have all the choice of having food 5 times a day, how about if I am at my working place, what if I was travelling, what if I am on a long road trip. Her answer was “Diabetic food trail” they are trying make more hoteliers to aware that there are more health conscious people who are in need of friendly diabetic food.

About the recipes: We did receive “the diabetic food trail cookbook” if you closely read the ingredients they use to make mouth watering food is nutrition value and the portion they serve. Earlier I was under the assumption on why the star hotels served very little food for a pricey menu. Now I know the reason behind it. They wanted us to be healthy so that they too have repeated customers.

Few links which could be of great help for someone who wants to remain in great shape and healthy

  1. I would request you to take a look at their Fitness Boot camp
  2. Do check out the Diabetic Masterclass, just like this session
  3. At home, want to make a quick healthy delicious food, the recipe locker

I am so happy that I took up this session I was not aware that India has 75 million diabetic patients, one among them was my mom too. Hence I am also prone.

Thanks to Seema Pinto and Manoj Pinto, It is not just creating awareness, they have been tell us an interesting story and making a great sessions with the help of Famous Chefs, Diabetician. Wishing them more success on their meaningful journey.

The end of the day this is what I learnt

  1. Exercise
  2. Eat food to kill the appetite
  3. Eat as many times you need, when you feel hungry

Looks like I haven’t answered my title, the answer is, sugar in small quantities don’t harm, there are alternatives to sugar – try your lovely “Honey” pun intended.

I urge people who are above 30 years should check out “Diabetic food trail”, even if you are not diabetic, it will help you to stay fit and conscious about the food you eat.

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