“Data is the future” – Aircel, why?

Last evening we had this session with Mr Sunil Kuttam, National Head – Data & Devices, Aircel. Looks like Reliance JIO has a made a huge dent by making customer acquisition from Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel and Idea but at Reliance JIO’s cost. Aircel is predicting things to change by early 2017 or rather the entire competitors are expecting profit, after all the cheap freebies settle down.

You can expect lucrative plans from all the mobile service providers for voice and data. Currently all mobile service providers are bleeding because of the spectrum fees which they for the Government, so where is the money to build the infrastructure.

Let us understand how the current market is, and a few comparison with China market and what are Aircel’s data plan.

Current market


Looks like there is not much cost difference between the 3G and 4G LTE enabled handsets, much favourable for 4G market


Look at the Dec-16 there 1.46 million 3G users and 1.45million users for 4G and out of which Reliance Gio played a major role by throwing freebies in the adoption of 4G else the data would have been really low. Thanks to JIO at their cost. The adoption of 4G is not expected to go high for Dec-17 either.

So what is holding people from adopting 4G?
What is the speed of 3G on current handsets? – Between 2-5Mbps
What about the speed of 4G with the entry level cheap LTE enabled handsets? – Between 3-5Mbps at non peak hours may be 14Mbps

Where as people made a fastest 3G adoption from 2G because there was a huge difference in the speed and value proposition was good.

If 4G was being offered at a consistent 8-10Mbps, we could have expected a good adoption.

But for sure there is a market growth for 4G, let us have a look at International level about the Internet growth


This slide is most important, if you put together

China + India > Rest of the world

meaning there are so many users who are yet to begin using Internet, which is like a largest opportunity we can ever think of.

China Market and comparison


Shocking isn’t it

Chinese Government is helping its mobile operators to a great extent, which is fuelling the growth in their country.

What are Aircel data plans?

Check out Aircel’s exciting products like ‘3G@Rs.9‘, ’1GB for All’, ‘1GB@Rs.24’, ‘5G for Rs.298‘, ‘11GB for Rs.598‘ and ’Limit Se Zyada’ recharge packs, that has given a data experience for the vast spectrum of consumers during the year.

Aircel encouraged its consumers to stay online with its ‘Be Online with Aircel’ initiative and backed it up with a host of industry-first data products that made mobile internet available to all, thereby, fuelling mobile internet adoption. The success of these products helped Aircel register a 74% in 3G data revenue and 76% 3G data consumption growth in a little less than a year.

Aircel’s products like ‘3G for Rs.9’ significantly helped in bringing down the digital divide between the urban and the rural, revolutionary data proposition of ‘1GB for All‘ ensured that all customers according to their usage pattern can enjoy a meaningful internet experience of at least 1 GB. Under the umbrella of ‘1GB for All‘, high data usage customer gets ‘1GB 3G for Rs. 47‘ with validity for one night, however, a medium data user gets 1GB 3G data for Rs. 99 and low data user gets for Rs. 147.This unique offering ensures maximum customer delight and encourages customers to use mobile data more often.

Aircel then spiced up the festive season with ‘1GB of 3G @ Rs.24’ to allow subscribers stay online more than ever before. To avail ’1GB 3G data@Rs.24’, all existing and new customers first need to recharge with Rs.329 that would give them 2GB of 3G data with a validity of 28 days. These customers, henceforth, can enjoy 1GB of 3G data with every subsequent recharges of Rs.24. The offer is available across 36 circles from Rs. 24 to Rs. 41, while the main recharge is available in the range of Rs.291 to Rs.329.

To the delight of high-end voice and data users, Aircel launched LIMIT SE ZYADA (LSZ) recharges that offer consumers heavily loaded COMBO plans which will offer unmatched value proposition. ‘Limit Se Zyada’ Maha Recharge is aimed at catering to customers having need of both voice and data by offering Talk Time of Rs. 700 and 7GB of 3G Data at just Rs. 777, effectively offering 1GB 3G data at just Rs.11 and voice calling at unmatched rates.

Sunil Kuttam, National Head Data & Devices, Aircel, said, ”In what has been a disruptive year for the Indian telecom industry, Aircel has constantly innovated in the data space with the sole aim of making mobile internet available for all. Hence, data consumption by Aircel customers has seen a dramatic rise and our unmatched offerings helped Aircel record 74 % 3G data revenue growth and 76% 3G data consumption growth in 2015′ With Aircel’s new, attractive products that appeals to all, we aim to continue driving a much sharper growth this year, which will help us take data to the next level of growth and acceptance in India.”

About Aircel

Aircel is one of India’s leading innovative mobile service providers. The company is a pan-India 3G operator with 36 spectrum in 13 circles and is credited with the fastest 3G roll out ever in the Indian telecom space. As a young data led telecom player, Aircel has constantly been at the helm of introducing innovative and value for money products and services for its customers, be it the Aircel Pocket Internet, taking the first step in making 3G affordable for the masses or launching revolutionary Industry first data products aimed at fuelling Internet adoption. The company has been the proud recipient of coveted awards such as Voice&Data Special Leadership Recognition in ’Customer Service’ category, ET Telecom Award 2014 for its innovative customer care research model, Aegis Graham Bell award 2015, in Innovation for its ”Zero Premium Assurance” solution for high service availability, Data Quest Award 2015 for ’Excellence in Implementation and Use of Technology for Business Benefits’. For more information, please log onto the website www.aircel.com


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