The Bliss Catchers – Season 3 @ Odyssey Store

I am happy to have attended to The Bliss Catchers – Season 3, Session 1 on 28th January 2017.

The  featured guest were

  1.  Pradeep Charavarthy – who found his bliss while being a Historian and Heritage Expert.
  2. Pradeep John – Our Tamilnadu Weatherman, found his bliss in being a weatherman

Few of the event photos


The reason I say few photos, is because once the session starts – I get deeply involved to hearing the stories on what was their blissful moment and how and what led to them.

The Bliss Catchers event is curated by Avis Viswanathan, he is a life coach, Author and Happiness Curator.

Event month, 4th week of Saturday “The Bliss Catchers” event happen, do come and try to understand the deeply conversation and start finding your own bliss.

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