Artist Soul – Ghatam Mastero Vikku

Wandering Artist – Season 1 – session 1 – 25th Jan 2017

I should say that the almighty had showered grace on me, I was able to attend a session at Wandering artist, Where the Ghatam Mastero Vikku Vinayakaram had shared his early journey of how he became an Ghatam artist and how he won the Grammy Award and his association with MS Subbalakshmi Amma and with the Shakti group which helped him win the Grammy awards and attain his bliss.

Few photos of enticed crowd gathered at the event and much more of the Ghatam Mastero



Mr.Sriram of Wandering Artist giving out welcome speech



After which Avis Vishwanathan took over the stage, Avis in all animated form


Ghatam Mastero Vikku Vinayakaram namskaram


Now to the guests who appeared at the event


Ghatam Mastero Vikku Vinayakaram sharing the mesmerising performance for the guests


Ghatam Mastero Vikku Vinayakaram sharing his early experience 484746

Avis Vishwanathan keenly listening to Mastero 45

Avis translating Mastero’s speech from Tamil to English as few in the audience where foreigners and for some, who had trouble following Tamil.41403938

The much awaited experience which bought tears in few audience


The lighter moments


And a round of applause from the audience for sharing his experience



End of the day, everyone had their share to take away experiences from the Ghatam Mastero Vikku Vinayakaram and thanks to Avis Vishwanathan for the delightful curation.

The session was curated by  Avis Viswanathan, he is a life coach, Author and Happiness Curator.

Every month “Wandering Artist” would host similar events curated by Avis Viswanathan. Follow the  Wandering Artist Facebook page for updates of events, training, workshops and much more.

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