The  featured guest were

  1.  Freddy Koikaran – it is his love for Theatre, plays, RJ and much more, but the time and effort he put on getting the play, up and running was his bliss every day.
  2. Shyam Renganathan – a product of SVCE, I come from the same brand, he found his bliss early, because he was forced to take up things which he felt he didn’t like. His bliss was also for the Theatre plays. Which he kept on repeating during the conversation.

Few photos from the event


This time I took my son to the event, so that, he could get to meet the Youngest Bliss catcher, Avis has ever had before. Was happy my son was able to connect with the interactions between Shyam, Freddy and Avis.


The Bliss Catchers event is curated by Avis Viswanathan, he is a life coach, Author and Happiness Curator.

Event month, 4th week of Saturday “The Bliss Catchers” event happens, do come and take part in the deeply conversation and your take away could be your enlightenment of your own bliss, which had not known before.

The next “The Bliss Catchers” will be the 25th episode, there might be lot of surprises. Do come.

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