Artist soul -Dhananjayans

Wandering Artist – Season 1 – session 3 – 11th March 2017

Who doesn’t know this lovely, gracious, happy bharathanatyam couple, it was great learning for me, how a couple in the same artistic field could remain happy and still continue to contribute to the artistic world, Video of the session will soon be uploaded and will shared in this post.

Thanks to Avis for this wonderful curation.

Few photos of the event




An introduction of wandering artist by Sriram Ayer to guests


Avis, Dhananjayans & Sriram sharing a lighter moment


The interaction with Dhananjayans & Avis Vishwanathan12021222324625345789

Dhananjayan complimenting his “better half” – Shantha Dhananjayan by quoting

Behind every successful man, there is a women and that is his wife


Question and Answer session


Dhananjayans answering the questions happily 1213

A souvenir presented by Ms. Kavery of Wandering Artist to Dhananjayans14

We were truly blessed for the evening.

The session was curated by  Avis Viswanathan, he is a life coach, Author and Happiness Curator.

Every month “Wandering Artist” would host similar events curated by Avis Viswanathan. Follow the  Wandering Artist Facebook page for updates of events, training, workshops and much more.

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