Makery – The art pop-up

There are venues when you enter, you know what you came for is worth it. Makery – The art pop-up was a three day event at the Backyard. I landed there just 2 hours before the closing time.

For me Avis made my day early morning with a fine news article on SPB in the dtNEXTand that happiness didn’t last few hours later because someone’s idea was blocking my creative path. After a yummy biriyani, I took a short nap in the afternoon and I realised it was already 4PM on 12th March, Sunday. My mind was not that clear, I felt, I should go and check out the artworks of the Makery.

At one portion of the street, I see people crowded and both sides cars parked and hardly bikes could be parked, I knew this is worth the time I travelled. Still I was grumpy, so I refrained myself to talk to any one, and to lovely artist(s) who’s works were captivating. There was some happiness in my thoughts after looking at the artworks and mere happiness from the people who experienced the artwork.

Makery! An art pop-up featured the prints of 3 very talented artists Shruthi Venkatesh Srividya Sriram and Ruchi Shah.

For the Makery team-

A good start, each piece of your artwork needs much needed space. I felt more crowded and I turn around each piece of artwork was crying for attention. Hats off to the artists, Fantabulous. Again I have nothing against the “backyard” that space is awesome and creative, loved it, but artwork needs attention. Cheers. Wishing to see you again at a different venue if you have lots to show.

The above note I mentioned on my Facebook wall


Sorry for the bad mobile photos, I can shoot better photos with my DSLR 😉

For the Backyard team –

I am floored by your creativity, ground floor with a cafe and an art space for the creative minds. Loved your dogs and especially the note you left for your guest, You won my heart with the typo.


I am sorry that I didn’t take a step to meet you in person. Hope to meet you all soon in person.

And for people who did miss the lovely pets and the note


By the end of the three days event, I believe they too were tired of all the barking 😉

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