The  featured guest were

  1. Arun Krishnamurthy – environmentalist, successful entrepreneur and still supporting his peers who are with him through his journey.
  2. Venkata Raaman – avid insect photographer, Sound engineer and much more

This time it was 50th and 51st curated guest for Avis at Bliss Catchers, every time is an awesome celebration and huge take away for his audience.

I went along with my son, he learnt a few things from Arun, This time I had great connection with both the guest speakers

  1. From Arun for my son Aditya & me, in terms of education – what you wanted to become and what you became. How the educational institution played a major role in his life. Don’t expect direction or order, be the first to take responsibility and make the change.
  2. From Venkata Raaman, It doesn’t matter what work, as long you are getting paid do it with no ego, and spend the money on what you love doing it.

Here are few photos from yesterday’s event


Venkata Raaman sir will be launching his photo book soon, The cover photo below


The Bliss Catchers event is curated by Avis Viswanathan, he is a life coach, Author and Happiness Curator.

Event month, 4th week of Saturday “The Bliss Catchers” event happens, do come and take part in the deeply conversation and your take away could be your enlightenment of your own bliss, which had not known before.


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